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Invoices and Quotations

Look Outstanding

Choose the most beautiful invoice template, add your logo and send it by email or print it out for your customers.

Easy to track

MostDesk offers Colour codes to keep track of paid, unpaid and partially paid invoices.This brings efficiency and accountability

Quick Process

A unique invoicing software helping business owners to speed-up sending invoices and quotes without typing letters, just click on customers to send.

E-mail Invoices and get Paid Quicker

Provide a unique customers’ view

 Changee-mail Subject easily
 Select from the default Payment methods
 Set a due date for each payment
 Set a status for each invoice draft or final
 Attach PDF file to your Invoices by sharing a link

Customers and Suppliers

Custom data fields

MostDesk allows you want to build a unique customer database from which you can add extra unique details of the customer.

Automate Cashflow

This software allows business owners to automate unpaid invoices in order to know who owes you. You don't have to do this manually, because Mostdesk does it for you.

Trending Customers

MostDesk allows you to

 Know who your best customers   are?
 Know Who spends the most money    on you?

Create Services and track Inventory

Inventory value

Do you want to track the value of the products in stock? This is easy to manage because Mostdesk lists the products for which you turn on inventory management, on a separate tab and aggregates the value for you.

Record everything

Do you have a price list? Do you know the prices and variations of all your products and services? You don’t have to know, because you need to know more useful things than that, it’s enough to have them fixed in a proper system.

Top Products view

What were your best-selling products and services a year ago? A few clicks and you can find out from Mostdesk. This data can be viewed for an unlimited time, so you can see what the top product was this month even in 10 years from now.

Manage Purchases and Expenses


 Easily add purchases    
 Add purchase for different    locations
 Manage Paid/Due purchases
 Get Notified of Due purchases week before the pay date
 Add discounts & Taxes   

Manage Expenses

 Easily add business expenses
 Categorise expenses
 Analyse expenses based on category and business locations   with expenses report.

Check your debts

MostDesk allows you to know who owesyou.

 This promotes your brand and   enhances trustworthiness   partnership that everyone would   like to do business with!

Amazing Features

Admin Tips

 Set currency, time zone, financial   year, the profit margin for a   business.
 Translation ready.
 Predefined barcode sticker   settings.
 Create your barcode sticker   setting.
 Manage Brands, Tax Rate & Tax groups, Units, Category & Sub-Category.
 User/setup guide.
 Stock Adjustment.
 Express Checkout.
 Works Offline.


 Purchase & Sale report.
 Tax Report.
 Contact Reports.
 Stock Reports.
 Expense Report.
 View Trending Products, drill down  by Brands, Category,Sub-category,Units and date ranges.
 Expense Reports.
 Cash Register Report.
 Sales Representative report.

Recurring invoices

Set your business to autopilot mode and let your recurring invoices be issued by the machine. This saves you time and energy at the same time, week after week, month after month.

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All Industries

MostDesk can be used in many businesses.


Comprehensive solution for pharmacists, Shops with Products having expiry dates, Substitutes & Suppliers Information

Multi- Service Centre

For all service providers like Web Development, Restaurants, Repairing, Plumber, Saloons, Beauty Parlors etc

Electronics and Mobile Shops

Products having IMEI, Serial Number Codes

Super Market

Easy & fast billing, easy monitoring and control over stocks, reduce pilferage, get best deals from suppliers with smart purchase features.


Helps Grow Profit By complete control over Inventory, Billing, Ordering, Home Delivery & Kitchen Orders Tracking

Cloud Manufacturing Software

One of the best software for small businesses, that offers all that you need.

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