About Us and Advantages

MostDesk is a brand of Infobiz Company Limited. We are committed to providing the Best Quality Compatible toners for different printer brands such as HP, Samsung, Canon and much more which help you to simplify your business’s printing costs.

MostDesk is regarded as the leading toner Brand in Africa and China, with thousands of businesses, schools and home-users, as well as the government and police force, choosing them as the only place to go for quality and affordable toner cartridges. We sell only the best so each toner sold is checked and certified as fully compatible to work with its designated laser printer.

“MostDesk” Compatible Toners

What We Do?

We sell our own brand (“MostDesk”) toner cartridges, toner kits, drum cartridges, ink cartridges,sublimation inks, Dye inks, Pigment inks, and refill inks.

Additionally, provide OEM, ODM, customized service.

The MostDesk Guarantee

One of the reasons MostDesk is so popular across China and Africa is because of the 30-day, no-fuss, money-back guarantee on every single toner cartridge we sell.

Should you decide that you want to return your cartridge to us – whatever the reason – as long as it’s within 30 days, we’ll refund you the money without any questions asked.Services, products & technology support.

Find the perfect toner cartridge

We manufacture and stock Compatible HP, Canon and Samsung toners, among others, all at extremely low prices.

What is printer toner?

Printer toner is electrically charged powdered ink that forms the image via a laser beam, hence the name laser printers.

How do toner cartridges work?

Toner cartridges work by the printer “grabbing” the toner powder from the cartridge.

MostDesk Toner Cartridge Compatible Brands

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